Energy Trading

Our trading team utilizes decades of experience and in-depth analytics to inform market views and maximize trading opportunities.

Boston Energy has built its expertise and analytical infrastructure over 35 years of quickly adapting perspectives to keep up with ever-changing energy markets across the US.

We’ve since extended this capability to identify transmission bottlenecks and market inefficiencies and are one of the leading FTR traders in the industry consistently exceeding benchmark returns.

We excel at energy trading through leveraging our expertise and knowledge of the wholesale US power and gas markets

Our FTR traders focus on financial transmission rights and congestion products in all ISOs, leveraging an extensive data infrastructure and transmission-system expertise honed over many years in the business. Our energy traders extend our core expertise in basis and congestion to financial power and gas markets.

Our market knowledge and experience enable us to position our business to capture cyclical and emergent opportunities that others miss.

For trading counterparties, we are able to price specialty structured products that leverage our extensive physical power business and skills in managing congestion and basis, including bilateral basis, load, capacity and heat rate transactions.

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We believe our most important assets are our highly experienced team and the relationships they’ve built with clients, partners, and investors.

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