Energy Services

Our experienced operations team uses a robust, high-performance and secure platform to efficiently manage your energy assets. We’ve been managing ISO generation assets for > 20 years.

We provide clients with comprehensive solutions that leverage our broad range of knowledge in:

  • Asset / energy management
  • New generation and development
  • Battery storage optimization
  • Wholesale load supply
  • Congestion and basis products
  • ISO settlements
  • ISO monitoring, stakeholder processes and customer issue resolution

Typical Services By Sector

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Generation & Storage

  • ISO scheduling and dispatch services
  • Bid optimization services
  • Energy storage optimization
  • Custom reporting and advanced analytics
  • Congestion management services
  • 24/7 unmanned site remote call outs, wind turbine resets and reliability / economic curtailment
  • Market and regulatory issue tracking
  • ISO shadow settlement
  • Regulatory reporting support
  • Structured transactions
  • Renewable energy PPA optimization
  • Capacity, Emissions, Renewable Energy Credit management
  • Risk Analysis (Gross margin forecasting, risk exposure)
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Wholesale Load

  • ISO bidding, scheduling and settlement services
  • Physical supply including energy ancillaries and capacity
  • Physical hedging with mark to market coverage
  • Renewable products
  • Trading expertise across the ISOs
  • ISO collateral posting
  • Bundled supply and working capital finance structures
  • ISO settlements
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  • Physical scheduling and optimization
  • Congestion management and FTRs
  • Inter-ISO scheduling
  • ISO shadow settlement
  • Structured products / rights monetization
  • Partnering on participant funded transmission upgrades

We also offer custom services for any need

  • Position tracking and reporting analysis
  • Structured trade solutions
  • ISO and regulatory support for client onboarding, new asset registration and ISO testing
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We believe our most important assets are our highly experienced team and the relationships they’ve built with clients, partners, and investors.

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