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The power and gas market is a complex and rapidly evolving business. Finding a trustworthy and committed service provider you can rely on is no small feat. Perhaps the best single word for our approach is: dedication.

At Boston Energy Trading and Marketing we strive every day to bring that dedication in our work providing asset optimization services for customer generation, energy storage and retail power/gas.

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Our asset services team monitors and delivers the value of client generation, storage, and retail load businesses. Our proprietary trading team delivers value trading financial power and natural gas at major hubs across North America. We are a leading trader of financial transmission rights (FTRs) and congestion products. We also develop participant-funded transmission upgrades in open ISO markets.

What We Do

At Boston Energy Trading and Marketing, we bring dedication, experience and discipline to the customers we serve and markets we trade. For our third-party asset management customers, we strive daily to ensure profitable operations, navigating the challenges of optimizing generation and storage or wholesale supply and physical hedging for our retail electric and gas clients. Our trading team leverages extensive analytical experience, skills and a robust fundamental market data platform to deliver outstanding results.