Our traders cover active North American competitive power markets including Northeast, Midwest and Western markets. Driven by a fundamentals-based approach, our team develops and maintains models of the electric-transmission and gas networks and supply/demand models to inform market views for trading opportunities.

Expertise defined

Boston Energy originally built out expertise and data infrastructure for detailed modeling of power flows and congestion risk for a merchant fleet. Over time we learned to utilize this capability to identify transmission bottlenecks and market inefficiencies. We are one of the first and most successful FTR traders in the industry, consistently generating above-average returns.

Our FTR traders focus on financial transmission rights and congestion products in all ISOs, leveraging an extensive data infrastructure and transmission-system expertise honed over many years in the business. Our Energy traders extend our core expertise in basis and congestion to financial power and gas markets.


Our market knowledge and experience enable us to position our business to capture cyclical and emergent opportunities that others miss.

For trading counterparties, we are able to price specialty structured products that leverage our extensive physical power business and skill in managing congestion and basis, including bilateral basis, load, capacity and heat rate transactions.

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